Receive Signals from Your Own Trading Strategies

Program your trading strategies and let us monitor the markets for you. Our advanced technology detects essential technical analysis signals 24/7, saving you exhausting hours of screen monitoring. Relax, we handle the complexity for you.

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A Unique Approach in the World of Trading

No matter the platform or broker you use, our system analyzes your favorite assets to identify the specific patterns you're looking for. Receive real-time alerts as soon as these configurations are detected. Focus on developing your strategies without the visual and mental fatigue caused by constant chart analysis.

Technical Analysis

monsieur 4x detects in real-time and across all time units, technical analysis patterns such as divergences, bubbles, Wolfe waves, pennants, Head-and-Shoulders, and much more.

Asset Classes

Among the analyzed assets, you'll find major Forex pairs, key global indices, commodities, the top 20 cryptocurrencies, plus over 1000 US and European stocks.

Alerts at Your Fingertips

No need to stay glued to the screen anymore, Mr. 4x alerts you when a setup matches one of your strategies. Receive your alerts via DM on Discord or Telegram.

Your Watchlists

Stay focused on your strategies by creating as many watchlists as necessary. Your setups will appear in real-time on a single screen, following your criteria, including a minimum Risk/Reward ratio.

Zone Alerts

After performing your market analyses, you set price zones where your setups will trigger an alert. Now, you can turn off your screens; Mr. 4x will notify you.


Take advantage of key tools on our platform, including a position size calculator for Forex. Our economic calendar also alerts you of major announcements, crucial for anticipating market volatility.

7 days free trial

Real-Time Monitoring

monsieur 4x detects your signals according to your filters. To better inform you, it also simulates each trade and represents its evolution in real time.

Education and Arguments

For each detection, monsieur 4x provides visual explanation and brings arguments and counter-arguments.


The Passion for Technical Analysis


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monsieur 4x is a technical tool for analyzing financial assets, but does not give any advice. It also does not express any opinion on the relevance of trading strategies. Its analyses based on historical data do not guarantee future results and do not consider unpredictable external factors. Your investment decision is your responsibility. Use Mr. 4x as an additional aid, exercising your judgment and taking into account your objectives and risk tolerance. Markets involve risks; inform yourself and consult professionals if necessary.

Our policy is to maintain total independence from brokers, dealers, and prop firms. The solution offered by Mr. 4x is designed to be completely detached from any specific trading platform. We strive to make our site an independent, neutral, and universal tool, in order to best serve the interests of our users without being influenced by external affiliations. Our goal is to provide an impartial service accessible to all, regardless of the trading platform you choose to use.

Constantly Evolving

By joining our Discord server, you also help evolve monsieur 4x to meet your specific needs. Relevant or odd ideas, suggestions, corrections, new strategies, new features... Each month sees its share of new developments.

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